Wicket Machine

Limax Omega wicket bag machine features a multiple servo machine for the production of plain and printed wicket bags for the automatic packaging industry. Available in different machine widths and with a range of accessories, machine can produce a range of products including bread bags, zipper bags and diaper bags. Also available in twin wickets for saddle bags.

Machine Features

a) Excellent Performance

  • Seal head assembly on cast frame ensuring machine stability at speeds of up to 350cpm
  • Servo driven in feed roller synchronized to draw roller allows easy web tension control at all speeds ensuring accurate bag dimension

b) Strong Seals

  • Consistent seal quality through use of high conductive seal bar ensuring uniform temperature profile
  • Servo driven seal head allows adjustable seal time independent of machine speeds

c) Simplified Operation & maintenance

  • Servo driven seal head eliminates use of mechanical cam
  • With servo motor operating the seal roll, wicket mill, indexing conveyor etc, machine maintenance is simple and easy

d) Reliable & Versatile

  • Various accessories are available for different bag type
  • Available also in twin wickets for production of saddle bags

Machine Specification
  Omega 750 Omega 1000
Nominal roller width (mm) 750 1000
Effective sealing width (mm) 710 950
Min. draw length (mm) 120 120
Max. draw length (mm)* 340 340
Min. bag length (mm) 240 200
Max. bag length (mm) 650 900
Max. cycle speed (cpm) 350 300

*size for standard length arms
*available in two other sizes with max. draw length of 440mm and 600mm

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