Bottom Seal Machine

Limax Alpha bottom seal machine was designed to provide a cost effective solution for the production of bottom seal bags using hot wire sealing and flying knife cutting technology. The latest 2013 model, with improved mechanical features, allow machine to run substantially faster with less wear and tear components thus reducing running and maintenance cost even further. Available in different widths, machine can be equipped with an array of accessories including a winding system for the production of bottom seal as well as twin seal perforated bags on roll.

Machine Features

a) Excellent Sealing Quality

  • Sealing by heated in chrome wire suitable for a wide range of film material
  • Independent temperature control for top and bottom sealing jaws ensure strong seals for thin and heavy gauge material

b) Efficient Flying Knife Cutting System

  • Excellent cutting characteristics on all film type and film quality
  • Cold cut ensure easy opening of the bags
  • Cutting before sealing feature allows easier operation on thin gauge multi-lane production
  • Servo driven flying knife option available

c) Clamp Stacking Results In Neat Even Stacking

  • Predetermined bag and stack counter.
  • Bag length can be varied for each alternate bag to avoid seal sticking
  • Self indexing conveyor improves operator efficiency

d) Versatility & Flexibility

  • Available also in twin tracks to run simultaneously two bags of different gauge, print and length
  • Accessories - handle punch, angle sealers, cross sealers, available for inline production of different bag types
  • Available also in twin seals and winders for production of industrial bags on rolls
  • Machine available also in stainelss steel for clean room application as well as in wider widths up to 3m

Machine Specification
  Alpha 800 Alpha 1100 Alpha 1400 Alpha 1600
Nominal roller width (mm) 800 1100 1400 1600
Effective sealing width (mm) 750 1050 1350 1550
Min. bag length (mm) 200 200 200 200
Max. bag length (mm) 3000 3000 3000 3000
Min. film thickness (µm) 20 x 2 20 x 2 20 x 2 20 x 2
Max. film thickness (µm) 150 x 4 150 x 4 150 x 4 150 x 4
Max. line speed (m/min) 80 80 80 70
Max. cycle speed (cpm)* 130 130 130 120