Bottom Seal Machine

Limax Gapa bottom seal machine is designed for the high speed production of bottom seal bags over a wide range of film material and gauge. Equipped with the latest state of the art servo technology, machine can run clamped bags at speeds of up to 200cpm. Sealing jaws are fitted with Nichrome wires and cutting is by a flying knife. Machine can be equipped with a range of accessories such as handle punch, angle sealers, slit sealers and a bag brushing unit for thin gauge application. It is easy to operate, very reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

Machine Features

a) Excellent Sealing System

  • Excellent seal quality at speeds of up to 200cpm
  • Sealing pressure and dwell time is adjustable allowing the processing over a wide range of film thickness.
  • Easy alignment of top and bottom seal wires

b) Excellent Stacking Capability

  • Easy adjustment of clamping bar
  • Hold down roller during indexing ensures stack integrity
  • Brushing unit allows processing of very thin HDPE bags at high speeds
  • Conveyor table with a series of individuals belts with hollow space between them allows easy removal of each stack of bags

c) Unique Flying Knife Cutting System

  • Cutting belt mounted horizontally
  • Belt can be removed without the use of any tools and dismounting of any mechanical part
  • Cutting blade always in protective channel when sealing jaw is in an open position

d) Design Simplicity at its Best

  • Easy access to all mechanical parts reducing down time for maintenance
  • Clamping pressure is adjustable
  • Change of seal wire and Teflon tape on top jaw can be done without dismounting from machine
  • Uniquely low consumption of spare parts

Machine Specification
  Gapa 1100 Gapa 1400
Nominal roller width (mm) 1100 1400
Machine sealing width (mm) 1050 1350
Min. film thickness (µm) 5 x 2 5 x 2
Max. film thickness (µm) 150 x 4 150 x 4
Min. bag length (mm) 120 120
Max. bag length (mm) 3000 3000
Max. line speed (m/min) 120 120
Max. cycle speed (cpm)* 200 180