Bag On Roll Machine

Limax Delta bag on roll machine uses a rotary drum sealing system for the continuous production of core less bag on roll in one or two tracks. The longer seal time achieved with drum sealing allows sealing at lower temperatures thus offering greater processing flexibity and product seal quality. Machine is easy to operate, reliable and requires minimal maintenance. It can be equipped with accessories such as "C" folder, V-boards, slit sealers, post gusseter for the production of different bag types.

Machine Features

  • Continuous motion operation ensures minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.
  • The long seal time achieved with drum sealing allows machine to run at lower temperatures thus offering greater flexibility and product seal quality.
  • Versatile winder allows operation in single as well as twin tracks.
  • Machine also available with larger diameter sealing drum.

Machine Specification
  Delta 700 Delta 900
Nominal roller width (mm) 800 1100
Machine sealing width (mm) 700 900
Film thickness (µm) 20-200 20-200
Bag lengths (mm)
* 1 sealing station
* 2 sealing station
* 4 sealing station


Max. drum speed (rpm) 80 80
Max. linear speed (rpm) 140 140
Finished roll width (mm)
600 x 1
280 x 2
700 x 1
300 x 2
Finished roll diameter (mm)
150 150