Side Seal Machine

Limax Sigma side seal bag machine, incorporating a range of different accessories, converts a variety of side seal bags in polyethylene and polypropylene from tubular and sheet film. An optional twin seal / bottom seal assembly with a servo driven flying knife for cutting, allows the three different types of bag to be converted on this versatile machine.

Machine Features

a) Excellent Performance

  • Seal head assembly on cast frame ensuring machine stability at speeds of up to 250cpm
  • Single roll dancer in conjunction with web dancer for improved tension control

b) Reliable & Versatile

  • Machine can be fitted with a twin seal / bottom seal head assembly using Nichrome wires and servo driven flying knife for cutting
  • Gear railing allows easy mounting of accessories for different bag types
  • Machine can be supplied with multiple servo motors

c) Strong Seals

  • Consistent seal quality through use of high conductive seal bar ensuring uniform temperature profile
  • Different radius seal tips for different material gauge

Machine Specification
  Sigma 750 Sigma 750HS Sigma 1000
Nominal roller width (mm) 750 750 1000
Effective sealing width (mm) 700 700 950
Min. Draw length (mm) 80 80 80
Max. Draw length (mm) 600 600 600
Min. Film thickness (µm) 15 x 2 15 x 2 15 x 2
Max. Film thickness (µm) 100 x 2 100 x 2 100 x 2
Max. Cycle Speed (cpm) 200 200 200