T-shirt Machine

Limax Beta T-Shirt bag machine provides an efficient and economical way for the large scale production of shopping bags in high density and low density polyethylene. Machine is servo driven and available in twin tracks to process two individual pre-gusseted rolls of film as well as for jumbo rolls complete with slit sealer and post gusseting system. The performance consistency and reliability of this machine enhances the productivity of the converters.

Machine Features

a) High Performance

  • Speeds up to 300 cpm and suitable for different material types.
  • Independent control of upper and lower sealing temperatures ensure strong seals for thin and heavy gauge film.

b) Ease of Operation

  • Fully automatic hydraulic/pneumatic die cut with self indexing conveyor improves operator efficiency.
  • Control buttons on both sides of machine allow ease of operation.
  • Optional auto folding of each stack of bags enhances operator's productivity.

c) Strong Seals

  • Consistent seal quality through use of high conductive sealing bar material.

d) Reliability

  • Use of high quality servo motors and PLC ensures consistent.

e) Low Downtime / Low Scrap

  • All operating parameters such as speed, bag length, photocell, stack count can be adjusted while machine is running.
  • Precise print registration reduces printed film scrap.

Machine Specification
  Beta 400 Beta 400HS Beta 500
Nominal roller width (mm) 400 400 500
Effective sealing width (mm) 380 380 450
Min. bag length (mm) 300 300 300
Max. bag length (mm) 650 650 850
Min. film thickness (µm) 12 x 2 10 x 2 12 x 2
Max. film thickness (µm) 35 x 2 35 x 2 35 x 2
Max. cycle speed (cpm)* 220 250 200